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Over the past few years, as we have met founders of supply chain startups, we have noticed that they are encountering similar problems; Finding their first customers. Finding their first institutional investors. Finding co-founders, and other people to grow their teams, who have experience in the industry. Finding good service providers so that they can focus on what they do best. We have decided to create a network to help solve that problem for members of #TNYSCM who are trying to build the future of supply chain. Our partners fall in the following categories...

  • Corporate Partners: test new products from startups in our community, and then perhaps become an ongoing customer
  • Academic Partners: share cutting edge research with our community, provide a source of world-class talent and expertise for startup founders in our community, or help established corporations within our network solve pressing business problems
  • Investor Partners: invest in startups that are part of #TNYSCM’s community
  • Accelerator/Incubator Partners: provide specialized startup acceleration or incubation services that startup founders in our community might want to consider
  • Service Providers: provide specialized service and advice to startups in our community as they grow

Introductions are always double-opt-in, so both parties have to agree to be introduced to one another. We will exercise some discretion and implement some quality control. Easily forwardable, concise, direct, and clear requests for introduction will probably have more success than requests that are hard to understand. Keep it short and be clear in your ask.

Note: #TNYSCM does not receive any financial consideration from any of its network partners. 

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