Event Overview

JUNE 19-20, 2019 / NYC

Supply Chain, Innovation, Technology 2019 (SCIT19) is a first of its kind FREE global summit for the most obsessively enthusiastic technologists, supply chain executives, professionals, academics, entrepreneurs, and investors; convening the BUYERS & BUILDERS of innovations for future-ready global supply chains over two days in NYC.

The event is purposefully bringing BUYERS & BUILDERS of supply chain innovations together to discuss where software-enabled technologies can be applied to create new products to move global supply chain networks into the future given current and forecasted needs and demands.

SCIT19’s emphasis is on the future of supply chain, globally, across industries; What problems remain that need to be solved? What problems have now arisen that we did not anticipate even a decade ago? What is possible with software-enabled technologies? What is necessary? Why? How can intra-industry and inter-industry collaboration between buyers, between builders, and between buyers and builders help make this future a reality? Why is this an important topic, for individuals, for companies, and for countries?

SCIT'19 is produced by The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation (#TWSCF).

About The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation

The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation is the collaborative, and mutually supportive coalition of open and multidisciplinary grassroots communities focused on technology and innovation in the global supply chain industry. Founded in August 2017, The New York Supply Chain Meetup is the founding chapter of #TWSCF with a sister chapter launched in Charleston, SC, and other chapters in the process of forming in Vancouver, Athens, Singapore, Bangalore, and other cities around the world.

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Why New York City?


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JUNE 19-20, 2019
Microsoft New York Headquarters
11 Times Square, NYC

India, UK, Finland, Israel, Nigeria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, and across the US.

Contact: Linda Rigano

Our SCIT19 Event Videography partner:  www.pushstory.co

Our SCIT19 Event Videography partner: www.pushstory.co