Paul McCulloch

Paul McCulloch, CyberLaw

Paul McCulloch, CyberLaw

June 19 / Keynote

The T.A.O of Supply Chain — Technology, Architecture, & Operations”
Paul McCulloch is a coder and information technology architect, a government advisor, and an attorney in technology, privacy, and cybersecurity law at NYC CyberLaw Group. He is a former vice president of technology law & digital compliance at JP Morgan Chase. He now spends his time empowering companies to get compliant, innovate, and implement digital transformation.

The world is becoming more complex, more interconnected, more distributed and more decentralized. At the same time, society demands more from the BUYERS, BUILDERS, and OPERATORS of the world's supply chain networks. In "The T.A.O of Supply Chain - Technology, Architecture, & Operations", Paul will discuss the issues that emerging startups, medium-sized businesses, and large corporations operating anywhere in the world should be concerned about.

JUNE 20 / Keynote

Rosemarie Truman
Center for Advancing Innovation

Rosemarie Truman, CEO & Founder, Center for Advancing Innovation

Rosemarie Truman, CEO & Founder, Center for Advancing Innovation

June 20 / Keynote

“SCALE – Supply Chain and Logistics Enterprises”

Rosemarie Truman is an entrepreneur, growth strategist, distinguished corporate executive, angel investor and prolific startup catalyst. Currently, Rosemarie is the Founder and CEO of the Center for Advancing Innovation (CAI), a 501c3 non-profit which has been coined “Tinder for Startups” and “Shark Tank on Steroids.” CAI’s mission to identify breakthrough inventions and maximize their commercial potential. Under Rosemarie’s leadership, CAI has earned numerous awards and recognition from Health and Human Services, the White House, the Federal Laboratory Consortium and more. CAI has also been featured in the Washington PostWiredHuffington PostNature, and several other publications. Rosemarie also serves as Director of the DC-metro chapter of the Founder Institute, the world’s largest startup accelerator program.

SCALE – Supply Chain and Logistics Enterprises is a global contest to disrupt retail supply chain, logistics and transportation (APPLY NOW). SCALE is orchestrated by the Center for Advancing Innovation (CAI) in partnership with the Walton Family Foundation. CAI’s past challenges were the catalyst for 200+ startups and 2000+ knowledge-based jobs in the past 4 years. CAI is named as the “Tinder for Startups” by Nature, the “Shark Tank on Steroids” by BIO, and a “Powerful Innovation Toolkit” by the White House.

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