Speaker Values

The primary goal of #TNYSCM is to build a community that uncovers and highlights the very best ideas in all of global supply chain technology and innovation. These standards and guidelines are intended with that aim in mind;

  1. A speaking session is not an advertising slot. Speakers’ products should be mentioned in the context of helping to promote innovation in supply chain through actionable insights, and to help propel the next generation of supply chain tech startups and founders, and helping SMBs and enterprises get more from their investment in supply chain.
    • This is a particular concern for speakers representing corporate sponsors of #TNYSCM. Sponsors who abuse this opportunity risk tarnishing their image and reputation, and degrading the experience for everyone – sponsors included.
    • Sponsors are welcome to showcase new products, in the same way that startups are invited to showcase their products and technology. A new product is one that has been introduced to the market in the past 6 months, or one that has undergone a major upgrade in the past 6 months.
  2. Speakers commit to creating compelling and engaging presentations.
  3. We try to avoid repeat presentations from individual speakers, except in certain specific cases – e.g. a workshop that’s in high demand, or a major change in a startup’s business model.
  4. Diversity & Inclusion is a core-value of #TNYSCM. The organizers will always seek out and include diverse speakers, panelists and presenters in the group’s plans.
  5. We favor speaker s based in NYC, but we welcome speakers from other cities who wish to engage our audience in NYC.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us